Offering a helping hand to the hurting. Providing love and understanding to the poor.
With a listening ear for the homeless, marginalised and struggling in our community.

Who we are

Grace Trust Jersey is a registered charity set up in 1999 founded on Christian principles. We work to put a smile on the faces of vulnerable Jersey folk who find themselves marginalized in society..

What we do

We work with and for the poor and needy in our community. Our aim is to offer support to those who may be struggling with issues such as loneliness, addiction, separation, low self-esteem or just find it difficult to fit into a hectic world.

Our activities

We “come alongside” folk to sing, to paint, to draw, to cook meals for our foodbank, to bake, to learn how to drive, to learn about the workplace or to just going along for a laugh and a cup of tea! Whatever brings a little change in the routine of loneliness and boredom. Our volunteers within these projects excel here and are the life blood behind what we do.

We take an honest, inclusive and friendly approach to caring for our community.
We encourage people to get involved. We help build self-esteem.
And we put the kettle on.