What we do

We work with and for the poor and needy in our community. Our aim is to offer support to those who may be struggling with issues such as loneliness, addiction, separation, low self-esteem or just find it difficult to fit into a hectic world.

We start by listening

All the projects we run start in the same way – by listening to people. This is how we learn their story, see what has brought them to us, then work out a way to assist them as best we can. 

Sometimes it’s simply a matter of assisting with some food from the foodbank. Maybe getting them some furniture or inviting them to our drop in or Saturday lunch. Perhaps advising them of what other agencies may be able to offer them. Or simply putting the kettle on having a chat about whatever. It could be that some folk just need to let off steam or cry over what has brought them to this place in life’s journey. So we try to be fluid, approachable, ready and happy to roll along with what they need right here, right now! 

Saturday lunches

We hold a Lunch each Saturday at St Pauls Church, New St, St Helier. Doors open at 12 noon for Tea and Coffee followed by a two Course meal served at 1pm with a Veggie option. This project is one of our longest running projects, we usually see around 45 to 50 folk here. It’s a great vibe with people from so many backgrounds. Our meals are cooked by one of our five teams of volunteers, we love it!

Food Bank

Our foodbank is located in at our base at 3 Daisy Villas, Lewis St. The food in the foodbank is all kindly donated by local individuals, churches, corporates, various businesses, food distributors and some stores. Some folk are referred to us by other agencies some by word of mouth. We are able to provide basic foodstuffs, soup, beans pasta etc possibly some cleaning and toiletry products, not a huge amount but hopefully enough to show that Jersey does care. We always remind people, this is from Jersey folk for Jersey folk.

Grocery Distribution

On the fourth Saturday of each month we deliver 3 bags of groceries, toiletries etc to around 55 - 60 households across the Island. These items are purchased by Grace Trust and when possible through specific grants we have secured for this invaluable assistance to struggling folk and families.

Household goods

This project is currently on hold, due to the focus on the foodbank. Though some small goods may be considered.

Assistance in court and prison visits

It can be a difficult time having to appear in court. If requested we can come along just to be a familiar face and offer a bit of support, simply being there for someone can help them stay a little calmer and not feel alone or let the occasion get on top of them.

We also offer “Professional visits” to the Prison, though only on request. This is for those we may have come into contact with prior to sentencing or through the “Marketplace” a service provided for the inmates by La Moye Prison to assist them upon release.